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Welcome to Berndt Seipel's Art Gallery

Member of The Federation of Swedish Artists

Imagine being all alone up on a hill and having the roaring sea just below you. The sun is broiling hot and the air is vibrating from the heat. The salty air is dry and drags the sand along as it sweeps over the country

You are on the top of the hill with your easel. The oil colours are ready to allow themselves to be brought together on the canvas and form a reproduction of what you have in front of you.

The wind tosses the billowing grass around and you get a strong feeling of respect for the powers that dominate the wind and the sea so forcefully.

Being able to paint a reproduction of this experience of the sky, the sea and the plants persistently growing in this environment, is for me like being in heaven on earth.

This experience, with all its scents and colours, whets the appetite of the body and the soul. Completely relaxing and peaceful.

As an artist, I let myself be inspired of all living forms and I appreciate all things of beautiful shape and colour.

Using oil colours I paint both landscapes and modern art.

I paint for private persons and companies as well as for my own exhibitions in South of Europe and Scandinavia, where my basis is in Hova, Sweden.

How it started
I was born in 1944 in Falköping in the county of Skaraborg, Sweden. Now, during the wintertime, I live in Costa Blanca, Spain, and during the summertime in Delebäck, Hova, Sweden.

As a three-year-old, I started drawing animals. During my childhood and adolescence I spent a lot of time in the countryside, where you could find all the types of animals that normally exist on a farm. This environment together with the fact that my father was a hunter has most likely formed the basis for my interest in painting animals and landscapes.

My father too was a very good drawer of animals and landscapes and he therefore became my natural teacher. The art schools I have been to, have served as a good meeting-point for me to meet other artists of the same way of thinking.

My first exhibitions in Sweden took place in the early 70's.

After having settled down in Spain in 1981, I made contact with artists from various countries. Together we established a circle of artists in Altea, Spain.

The number of exhibitions has been considerate over the years and mostly in the region of Alicante, Spain. I have made the inspiring acquaintance of several artists from Italy, Spain and France.

International exhibitions
In the beginning of the 90's, I received the offer to join an international circle of artists, who would exhibit their works of art in different parts of Europe. I accepted the offer and then became part of this travelling exhibition.

This travelling exhibition lasted for a year, during which our works of art were exhibited first in Spain, then in the region of Provence in France and Lyon and then in Brussels, Belgium. The final exhibition took place in Paris, before returning to Spain.

Painting under constant and inspiring development
Sweden and Spain fascinate and inspire me and they make excellent contrasts with one another.

People and nature are to me an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Gala performances, dance and music and women in full, imaginative dress have given me much inspiration in my work. Playing children in spontaneous situations are also very inspiring.

Thoughts about art
To be able to paint a flower or flowers is like giving life.

With my works of art, I hope to inspire those who see my paintings to paint or to create themselves.

To give life to a blank canvas, by creating colours, shapes and light, give rise to wonderful feelings of adventure and satisfaction.

Welcome to my art gallery and let yourself be inspired!

Berndt Seipel